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Our Payments

Kosmos Node is paying 100% of the Waves fees earned by Node. And 40 Kosmos per forged block.

Token Kosmos

Kosmos Node is paying additional Kosmos token to all payments. The purpose of this token is to encourage tenants.


In achieving KosmosNode’s goals we are doing a tenant airdrop.

Because to Kosmos.

Security, compliance and transparency are core values for us. We are strongly committed to advancing cryptocurrency technology and bringing it to global use.

Blockchain technology is very exciting and this is the reason for our investment in the ecosystem, we are researching smart oracles and contracts, we want to be active in building the world of tomorrow with you.

Como funciona?

Lease Proof of Betting (LPoS) allows Waves holders to profit by using their balances to protect the network while maintaining full control of their funds. WAVES wagered remain in the account holder's full control, and may be transferred or exchanged at any time.

Just go to waves.exchange , click "Investments" at the top and then "Deploy WAVES". You will find a "Stake WAVES" button there, press it. Select Hokusai from the list or manually enter our address: 3P5jnBJ1KffwjAX7Ftw4GDgvmkFr1oB7yjD. Enter and the amount of waves to bet. Hit the “Stake WAVES” button and you're done. The network only recognizes the bet after 1000 blocks have passed. From then on, you receive your rewards every time we transfer massive winnings, every time the pool reaches 500 exploited waves. The more users in our pool, the higher the frequency of payments. You can, of course, cancel your bets at any time. Every time you cancel a bet, you lose your share of that amount for the current round.

With hokusai.ch pool, you will get 100% of the waves extracted by the pool minus the mass transfer fees. Bulk transfer fees are the transaction cost for the network. It is generally less than 0.1 Waves for the entire payout amount for all transactions in a round. You will receive payments every time 500 waves are drawn from the pool. The more waves and lessors betting on the Hokusai reserve, the greater the frequency of payouts. The winnings of a bet are not fixed. Forging in Waves is modeled after the Nxt forging algorithm. The probability of the generator creating a block depends on the pool bet. Probability = Total generating share / generating pool share. The higher the bet, the greater the probability of generating blocks The fees of each transaction contained in the mined block are transferred to the generator of that block. Fees on each block vary. Some fees can be paid on assets, some fees are higher (DEX operations and token creation)

Podemos apenas fornecer uma estimativa, com base em dados anteriores, de cerca de 5%. Quanto mais a rede de ondas for usada, mais altas serão as taxas e maiores serão as recompensas que a piquetagem de ondas oferece. Use e recomende https://waves.exchange/a , quanto mais usuários, maiores serão as recompensas para os mineiros / stakers.

Kosmos Node will transfer massive gains every time waves mined in a round exceed 500 waves. Whenever a transfer occurs, the statistics will be published to the Twitter account and the telegram group will be notified. Every time you cancel a bet, you lose your share of that amount for the current round.

Using the Waves Explorer you can examine any address, transaction or block. And of course you can do this to the address of the pool hokusai.ch . Using the dev.pywaves / generators report, you can get an idea of the performance of your existing wave pools. Following us on twitter and telegram .

Yes, your funds will always be in your account and you can cancel your bets at any time. Every time you cancel a bet, you lose your share of that amount for the current round.

We strive to be as open as possible about pool governance and policies. These principles are embedded in everything we do: - our Waves node runs in an isolated and locked VPS to ensure operational safety; - our infrastructure service provider is based in Switzerland, where the regulatory environment is favorable; - all our accounting and payment activities are carried out with freely available tools, built by us and tested with the help of the community; we regularly post updates on twitter about the functioning of the pool, it is also possible to contact us directly, of course, feel free to get in touch with any additional questions and/or suggestions.


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